About the artist

Black Meridians is creating (un)earthly expressions on Canvas and forges it in Solid Matter since childhood. Fascinated by the darker aspects of the old masters that are held to the light of modern times and fascinated by the sometimes sinister figures that well up from the subconscious mind she paved way in artcrafts like drawing, writing, painting and sculpturing.

Elements from ancient cultures like Greece and Egypt, Asia and Africa are often surfacing and revived combined with inhuman characteristics.

As she is triggered by archetypes that are constantly causing her to mutate and transform her creations into new forms of an ethereal sovereignty and which often are of a Dark and Sultry ambiance, she uses high quality attributes like for instance gemstones and taxidermic supplies for her sculptures.

Her paintings are often finished with bronze, brass, copper or gold pigmented paints to express the richness of autonomic life.

As for her person:

She uses these forms of art as a means of initiation. This results in artforms that won’t be and cannot be repeated or recreated. Each piece is therefore unique and singular in its presence and has been part of her personal transformation as she walks the initiatory Left Hand Path and ventures out on the road of Neomythology. (Taking certain mythological or fantasy figures as a means to integrate several aspects of their being into the personality in such way that it becomes functional and effective when applied to real life.)

This has resulted too into the writing of several Grimoires like the quite recent APEX 218 (2020-2021) and Black Sun Imperium (2019) as some Sci Fi books

The keyword is “Manifestation”.

She writes: “When we execute rituals, crafting artforms in the mind, perform psychodrama, but its effect will not manifest on the physical plane, than it is an exercize in futility. The subconsciousness is so much more powerful. Even more than we are willing or daring to admit, but on the end it is this thing that will direct the course of our life. If you are unaware of it, than you will call it destiny or fate. You have to explore and to channel it for attempting to kick it back into the curb will only result in detrimental manifestations that can often be quite bizarre and most often, harmful.”

It is therefore no wonder she was intrigued and inspired when reading the material of for instance; Karl Jung, Edgar Allen Poe, Maslow, Gurdjieff, H.P. Lovecraft and Friedrich Nietzsche, the latter person being unrightfully marked as notorious.

Her artforms are created to confront and/or acquaint mankind with the unknown and darker aspects of life as human mind is conditioned to classify things in good or evil.

Yet these are sides of that same mind. If man has no eyes for his own paradoxes, than he might become a danger to his own life and his surroundings.

Instead; Black Meridians seeks to show us the undisputable power of darkness and the mysterious beauty that lingers inside of it for those who are willing to see it.