Black Sun Imperium


In this work, the layers will be peeled off concerning society and how it manipulates you through more mediums and schemes than you believe possible, and which intends to sweep your identity off the map.

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Why are some of us remembered for all time, while the vast majority of mankind is forgotten after death?

How is it possible that some of us attain godlike qualities, a deified status, and are referred to by mankind for all time, while the majority struggles in all futility to even establish a part of their power in the world?

These are mysteries presented to us, and for Aeons mankind tried to figure out what those specific properties are which make of man a Being of Greatness.

What did people like Hitler, Disney, Ghandi and Crowley exactly do that made them known, loved or hated among mankind? How did the gods of Egypt became deified? Why does the name of Tammuz (Nimrod) still echo in numerous religious scripts? Why is Jesus Christ still remembered, even worshipped, after more than 2000 years? Why exactly would Lucifer choose to break with the Creator, no longer willing to do His bidding? What did a philosopher like Friedrich Nietzsche truly see which made him write his critical Works of Ecce Homo, The Antichrist and Human, all too Human? How is it possible that Pharaoh Akhenaten, known as the Heretic King, emerges from history with such power and intensity while in his time the people did everything to wipe out every trace of his existence? Why does a character like Darth Vader appeal to many of us so intensely? What is this force that reveals profound wisdom, its Keys of Power and a Deified Lordship to only a few and brings an avalanche of lunacy down upon the many?

In this controversial and confronting work written by Phagos A. Hoshigaoka, the reader will be given the knife to pierce through the veils of what precisely divides mankind from the gods and what will aid the one who aspires, to initiate and to set foot on the Dark Path of Sovereignty, even when he finds himself in the most difficult and confusing of circumstances.

The author comes with a Noesis that will defy your limitations, challenges the Status Quo and put your Sense of Reality and Aspiration to the test.

Black Sun Imperium is a work that will carefully unveil the nature of the Black Sun and which will prove to be valuable in daily life, as it aids you to build and strengthen your Soul through profound understanding and practical methods of implementation which were once wielded by the Ancient Darklords. In this work, the layers will be peeled off concerning society and how it manipulates you through more mediums and schemes than you believe possible, and which intends to sweep your identity off the map.

By scrutinizing this, it also provides you with the assets to intercept and untangle this for good by using the comprehension of the force of the Black Sun. The immense power of the Black Sun is explained concerning our Self and our World, and it reveals why it affects the world so deeply in, for instance, the times of Babel and during World War II.

This realistic work is very suitable for both new and experienced Darksiders who do not fear brutal honesty and who practically aspire to become Heavy Caliber, Powerful and Eminent Darklords amongst mankind, those who are not afraid to step over the edge in order to cross the Abyss to Deification and by its revelations, encouraged by using the Power of the Black Sun in order to turn things to their advantage.

It is never too late to step down the Path of Black Illumination if you desire it, whether you are 24, 40 or 74 years of age, whether Sith, Dark Elf, Dragon, Vampire, a Witchdoctor or a Lofcraftian Black Emperor in Essence, whether you feel the deep desire to become a Darklord among mankind, secretly or openly transforming yourself and bending reality to your Will to forge your own Empire.

This book gives the new Darksiders a headstart, and the more experienced an expanded point of view. As notorious as the Power of the Black Sun is, this work certainly is not for the faint of heart, but then again, it is definitely not for the small of mind either.

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Phagos A. Hoshigaoka

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  1. Ricca M. De Luca

    What a delight! First of all this book reads easy… It is a no-bullshit guide!

    It is a wonderful book that helps you to walk your dark path, or go through your dark night of the soul — It asks you to develop your inner chivalry! It asks you to be courageous and examine your shadow side… to embrace, control and use it in your advantage. There is certainly a good portion of psychology and spirituality in. There is alot of knowledge and wisdom in it; about different cultures and philosophy’s…

    This book asks you to be truthful to yourself and the world around you. Are you brave enough to awake your black flame? to manifest your essence? to examine your dark side… and be powerful?find it out!

    Plus: it is explains how you can implement it in your life, very practical! The book is split into two parts… first comes the theory (which is intresting) and then comes YOUR WORK.

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