Gothic Queen Aurora Reserved for J. Carthon


A stunning handmade acrylic portrait on Canvas of “Queen Aurora.”
The Wraith were a fictional Vampiric like race of the Stargate Atlantis series. The Wraith Hives are generally ruled by Queens who were of an extraordinary power and resilience.

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A stunning handmade acrylic portrait on Canvas of “Queen Aurora.”
She expresses both Grace and Power and she is adorned with a crown of roses and above her is the hint of the Northern Lights which is a phenomenon on itself and symbolizes her cold but exquisite beauty.

The hair is of a classical silverish white and her eyes are set with gold paint that is emphasizing her Sovereignty. The painting itself is painted with Iridiscent and Gold pigmented paints that reflect in the light.

Therefore the painting is exclusive and authentic and it cannot be copied nor can it be printed.

And it should not be! As this Unique Queen is the only one of its kind!

Very beautiful when she is being framed by a graceful creamywhite Baroque or brass/bronze Baroque frame. Golden or silver modern frames do nothing for her. This Queen is Ancient and so she shines best when she is being embraced by a Classical Frame in a interior that suits and matches her Everlasting Grace.

Additional information

Dimensions 60 × 40 cm



Stretched canvas

Ready to dispatch in

1 – 2 business days

Cost to delivery

Netherlands: 7,25€ – World: 25,00€


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