Winter Gold

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  1. Sam

    I am very fortunate to own this painting, he has pride of place in my home. A photograph cannot show the true beauty of this piece, all of the incredible tiny details throughout the painting, and the iridescent gold pigments that bring out the fire in his eyes and add a soft, living sheen to his skin. This is a truly exquisite piece.

    This painting is a commissioned artwork. Working with Miss Esther was an absolute joy, she took great time and care to listen to and really understand the details that I wished for in the painting, and added her own creative thoughts and flair to embed his beauty and personality magnificently in the painting. The frame was specifically chosen for this piece by Miss Esther, adapted and repainted by her to complete the portrait. I am extremely grateful to Miss Esther for her incredible and unique creation!

    Also an important item to note, when the painting arrived, he was in perfect condition and in so much packaging, that it took me 20 minutes to undo all the packaging! 🙂 but it is full credit to Miss Esther’s knowledge and experience in creating and shipping her works of art that he arrived quickly and in perfect condition.

    Thank you so much!

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