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  1. out of 5
    What a delight! First of all this book reads easy... It is a no-bullshit guide! It is a wonderful book that helps you to walk your dark path, or go through your dark night of the soul -- It asks you to develop your inner chivalry! It asks you to be courageous and examine your shadow side... to embrace, control and use it in your advantage. There is certainly a good portion of psychology and spirituality in. There is alot of knowledge and wisdom in it; about different cultures and philosophy's... This book asks you to be truthful to yourself and the world around you. Are you brave enough to awake your black flame? to manifest your essence? to examine your dark side... and be powerful?find it out! Plus: it is explains how you can implement it in your life, very practical! The book is split into two parts... first comes the theory (which is intresting) and then comes YOUR WORK.
  2. out of 5
    This painting is genuinely amazing, I don't know how this artist isn't better known. The quality is good and you can tell that there was much time and care put into this work. The frame is beautiful, and finally pulling out Everstorm and seeing him in the light for the first time just made it all worth it.
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    This is by far my favorite purchase the eye for detail is astonishing in this one Now it adorns my altar like it belonged there Thank you very much for a smooth and pleasant transaction as well as you dedication to your crafts.
  4. out of 5
    A fine work with eye for detail The patina gives it a more aged look that asumes it's place used to be an ancient temple. Could not be happier with it!
  5. out of 5
    I asked Esther to make a canvas of Lurtz. Above all my expectations ( actually Esther is always rising above any expectation), I couldn't be more happy!!! Esther is so talented. The details in this big canvas are amazing. The canvas is also very big. It's definitely a big eye catcher in my livingroom. I can't thank you enough, Esther. Thank you so much for this incredible canvas!!! :)
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  6. out of 5
    I am very fortunate to own this painting, he has pride of place in my home. A photograph cannot show the true beauty of this piece, all of the incredible tiny details throughout the painting, and the iridescent gold pigments that bring out the fire in his eyes and add a soft, living sheen to his skin. This is a truly exquisite piece. This painting is a commissioned artwork. Working with Miss Esther was an absolute joy, she took great time and care to listen to and really understand the details that I wished for in the painting, and added her own creative thoughts and flair to embed his beauty and personality magnificently in the painting. The frame was specifically chosen for this piece by Miss Esther, adapted and repainted by her to complete the portrait. I am extremely grateful to Miss Esther for her incredible and unique creation! Also an important item to note, when the painting arrived, he was in perfect condition and in so much packaging, that it took me 20 minutes to undo all the packaging! 🙂 but it is full credit to Miss Esther's knowledge and experience in creating and shipping her works of art that he arrived quickly and in perfect condition. Thank you so much!
  7. out of 5
    I have this painting on a dark wall, she subconsciously catches the attention and then stares deep into your soul. I love it.
  8. out of 5
    I custom ordered this painting, giving the artist only the vague idea of ‘I want an imposing painting of the Sumerian god Enki’. She took that idea and turned it into something masterful, communicating with me during the whole process and even taking into account the background of the room where the painting would be placed. “Enki” far exceeded my my best wishes and is always the eye catcher in my living room.
  9. out of 5
    I am more than pleased with my purchase. I am now the proud owner of this painting, the item is as described and it was very well packaged. On top of that the seller answered quickly to all my questions.
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  10. out of 5
    Samael the Wraith grabbed my soul at the first moment I saw him somewhere on the net. I'm deeply honored that I could buy the painting. Like a real wraith, he steps out from the frame, reaching his arm, his handmouth, to claim every heedless person passing along. His presence is both enchanting and terrifying. The painting is a concert of Ms. Ester's unique attitude to using colours and light, something I admire so much in most of her works.